Collar for a Cavoodle

Cavoodle Puppy SchoolMost Cavoodle breeders will not have their Cavoodle puppies wearing collars as part of their normal days before you pick them up. The exceptions to this are Cavoodle breeders that identify different pups in the litter by giving them different coloured collars to wear. This used to be the way things were done prior to microchipping, but today most professional Cavoodle breeders will have their puppies microchipped at 6 weeks old. This makes them forever identifiable and easy to know who is who in the litter. Wearing a collar is not a natural experience for a puppy, and in nature, a dog feeling something wrapped around its neck is a cause for alarm. This means that we have to show our Cavoodle puppy that there is nothing for them to worry about when having a collar placed around their neck.

My Cavoodle hates her Collar?

Puppies will get confused and bewildered when they experience a collar for the very first time. The new sensation will have them squirming and rolling like a mad thing in an effort to be rid of it but after only a few hours they will settle down as they get used to it. However, there are a few things which can make the transition to collared life a little easier for both you and your puppy.

Right Size Collar 

dog collar with 2 fingersYou can start training your puppy with the collar on the very first day you bring him home.  If you can fit two fingers sideways between the collar and the puppy, then you have the right sized collar. As puppies grow up fast you should also purchase a collar with at least 6 months of adjustability built in before you have to purchase a new size. A soft, flexible and lightweight collar will be easier for the puppy to become accustomed to than one of the heavier, stiffer varieties.

Puppies are inquisitive by nature and can easily get themselves into trouble so choose a collar with a quick release in case of emergencies. Quick release collars are also more difficult to get snagged than the buckle types. Just like human clothing collars become dirty and smelly after a while, so you will also appreciate a collar which you can throw in with the wash every couple of weeks.

How does my Cavoodle get used to a Collar?

Chevromist Cavoodle Piper with her collarOnce you have selected a suitable collar for your new puppy it’s time to get him accustomed to it. He will roll and squirm in all sorts of amusing ways in an effort to be rid of the thing but you should avoid any type of encouragement, such as laughing or trying to soothe him into it. It’s also important that you don’t reprimand him for his behaviour either. Instead, provide some sort of distraction. Play with him, or put the collar on around feeding time so it takes his mind off of it – even for a few minutes. It won’t be long before you Cavoodle puppy accepts the collar as a part of life and starts to accept it.


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