Car Travel Safety for Cavoodles

Cavoodle puppy sittingAlthough you may not be aware of them, many states have laws on the books about safely transporting animals such as dogs. In addition, all states have laws about leaving animals in your vehicle when parked, and virtually all states have distracted driving laws which means if your pet causes you to take your eyes off the road, then the fault of the accident is yours.

The good news is that there are some simple steps you can take in car travel safely for dogs. You just have to remember that just like people, dogs need protections, too. Here are a few suggestions that will help keep your Cavoodle safe when driving.

Travel Crates that are Crash-Tested

Dog CrateIt is true that there are crates designed not only to be portable, but to survive a crash as well. You’ll need to find one that is safety-certified which means that it can hold up under most crash situations. The crate itself will be made from aluminum or hardened plastic that is reinforced with fiberglass. In addition, you’ll need a crate that provides for good air circulation, so they can breathe easy and not overheat. These crates will have a stamp on them showing that they are suitable for airline travel also.

If you want more protection, you can add crash bags to the crate in case you have to brake quickly. A ramp or steps will help your Cavoodle get in and out of the car easily. Just be sure to stop every so often and take your dog out for a stretch.

Safety Harnesses

Well Bred Cavoodle Puppy ChevromistIf you do not want your Cavoodle inside a crate, the next best thing is to get a safety harness that attaches to the seat or safety belt system. This prevents your dog from being bounced around inside the vehicle in case of a crash. You’ll want the strap to allow for enough room, so the dog can comfortably sit or lay down in the seat, but tight enough so that if the car suddenly stops the dog stays in one place.

The harness should fit over the chest comfortably which will take the brunt of the force that is applied if the vehicle should stop suddenly or become involved in an accident. Do not use a leash and neck collar as this may make an accident worse on your Cavoodle.

Override Power Windows

Since most vehicles today have power windows, you will need to learn to shut them off when on the road. So, read the manual and know how to turn off the power window feature to the back windows. It’s okay to crack open the window if you want to provide more air, but you do not want your dog to stick their head out as they might slip and fall out. Or, they might accidentally close the window and get trapped.

By taking just a few steps to ensure proper car travel safety for dogs, you can maximize the chances that your Cavoodle remains unharmed in most types of accidents. Plus, if you use a crate, the dog will not be tempted to use the toilet until you let it out of the crate.

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