Choosing a Good Name for Your Cavoodle

Choosing a name for your Cavoodle is one of the most pleasant, if challenging experiences that many dog owners face. You want the name to be short, unique, easy to remember, and reflect the personality of your puppy. For many new Cavoodle puppy owners, finding the right name can be challenging, especially if you are not sure just how to make the name unique.

Dog Breeders Don’t Name Puppies

Most dog breeders will not name the puppies they breed as that decision is best left to the new owner. You can ask your Cavoodle puppy breeder to recommend a few names to help you along but if they were to give a puppy a name, it is much harder to see them leave for it’s new home! A great place to start looking for a puppy name is on their Facebook or Instagram pages where previous owners have posted photos of their dogs and their names might give you a bit of inspiration.

What follows are a few tips that will help you narrow down the parameters of naming your Cavoodle, so you find the best dog name.

Two Syllable Dog Names

You may wonder why many dog names are two syllables. Firstly, two syllables means that it will be short and easy to remember. While naming your dog Bartholomew may be cute, just like people most will shorten it to “Barry”. Two syllables is the right balance between an affectionate name while not being so short it could be confused with a command.

Ends with a Vowel

When you think about it, there are many dog names that end with a vowel. While there is no definitive reason, it does reflect the more child-like relationship that you have with your dog. As many children are called nicknames that end with an e or y that they outgrow, so too do dogs have names that end with a vowel.

Be Positive

You should be happy when calling to your Cavoodle, so provide them with a name that is positive. Even if your dog has negative traits, a positive name reinforces the feelings you have for them. Plus, your dog has good feelings about you, so do not confuse them with negative names where that emotion can be conveyed when you call them. Keep the name positive and you’ll keep the relationship between you and your dog in the right mood.  

Reflect the Personality of Your Dog

What is it about your dog that stands out in terms of their personality? Are they boisterous, affectionate, lazy, fast, slow, or attentive? Whatever trait stands out should be what inspires the name of your puppy. At the very least, it’s arguably the easiest way to name your dog without resorting to tired, boring dog names like Princess. Plus, you can expand the name to include other dogs or even people that share that trait, as long as it is done affectionately.

Avoid Dog Names that Sound Like Commands

This is why you should avoid single-syllable names as many might sound like the commands you will give your dog. So, don’t just write or type the name, say it out loud and judge whether it is similar to familiar commands like stay, fetch, sit or stop.

Stick with the Name

Remember, once you have made the decision, that’s the name your Cavoodle will be known by for the rest of their lives. So, put in some thought and understand that the name will be there tomorrow, next week, next month, and in the years to follow. That will provide some perspective on the name you choose for your dog.

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