Puppy’s First Night Home

The First Day and Night You Bring Your New Puppy Home

Chevromist Cavoodle Puppy OllieThe first night home for your puppy will not be easy because it is unfamiliar territory with new faces and things. Mixed emotions and excitement about finding the perfect puppy versus the self-doubt of whether you will handle the night and future emerge. This is a period of uncertainty, which requires adequate preparation to reduce the stress anticipated. Regardless of how much you are in love with your new Cavoodle, challenges are inevitable. You need guidance to help you overcome the first night home for your puppy.

If you are in your twilight years and need the company of a good, happy, and playful dog, congratulations! Beware, though, that the puppy may not be all fun and licks especially when still new. There is a lot of investment and endurance as you nurture it into the dog you love. If you follow our instructions and give him what he needs, you are set for a perfect relationship with your Cavoodle puppy.

Getting Setup For A New Puppy

Preparation is key when the Cavoodle puppy arrives. The task is so demanding that you may have to consider taking the day off from your normal work and home duties. If it is your first time; you may expect all play and sleep but there is more effort needed, which will draw your energy and time.

With focus on play, feeding, and sleeping, set up everything possible that they would need before you begin your 1st 24 hours with him. Here is a summary of some essential equipment and supplies to consider:

  • Toys and treats (you may start with simple things as you advance by learning your puppy’s preferences as they spend more time with you)
  • Poop bags and holder
  • Crate
  • Dog bed
  • Food and water bowls
  • High-quality puppy food
  • Playpen and baby gates
  • Collar tags with contact info
  • Adjustable collar and leash

Toilet Training A New Puppy

Red Chevromist Cavoodle PuppyAs soon as they arrive, begin toilet training your Cavoodle by taking them to their toilet spot. Whenever they eliminate on the right spot, praise them with lots of positive words or treats. Ensure they eliminate outside before bringing them indoors. Plan on the potty breaks every couple of hours while inside the house. It may not be perfect at first, but eventually you have put them on the right path towards achieving the discipline of using their potty properly. This is often a challenge for many people especially after neglecting to carry out the lessons early.

Establishing A Puppy Zone

The first day and night is a chance to show your Cavoodle puppy their territory within the family home and yard. Establish a routine as well as physical borders to get them used to the limits you have for them. The idea is to get them used to their new home beginning on the first day or you will be working harder in future. The essentials however, are food and water bowls and a soft place to sleep. Ensure that it is tough to avoid scratches

Puppy First Night Crying

On arrival, you may have the urge to invite friends to admire your little cute Cavoodle puppy. However, this is not a good idea, as the puppy is going to cry more than you expected. Your new best friend is experiencing a strange and unexpected episode in their life. First, the puppy endured a ride from the previous home and is now in a strange place with different people and faces, which are not familiar. Dedicate this first day to make them comfortable, easy, and quiet. As they learn their way around, maintain as little interference and attention as possible (from outsiders). There is plenty of time to show off the puppy, anyway. The priority is however, to give them confidence and familiarity of their new home. This is not an easy exercise, as settling to new routes, faces, and orders take time to grasp. Cavoodles are very social dogs and will want to be part of their new family as fast as possible.

Letting Your Puppy Get Enough Rest

Chevromist Cavoodle Puppy with ToysApart from crying, your Cavoodle puppy will want to sleep a lot; allow him to spend time on his designated bed for as much rest as possible. Being a puppy is exhausting so you might observe them sleep for an average of 15-20 hours a day. The contrast is; they have frequent bathroom needs nearly every hour. They therefore, take frequent short naps and go outside immediately once they are awake. They puppy will be waking you up on your first night several times, just like a baby would. They wake up throughout the night hence the need to adjust your bedtime routine on this first night. It is a good idea to let your Cavoodle puppy cry it out for the first night in order to let them know that crying will not result in the attention that they want. They will settle down and realise that when the house is quiet, then it is time to sleep.


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