Cavoodle Coat Types

What is the difference between wool, fleece and hair coat types?

You may have noticed Cavoodles out and about on walks and with their human families that have different looking coat types. Cavoodles can be roughly classed into 3 different coat types. These are Hair, Fleece and Wool coats. These coat types are not strictly distinct coat types as you would see in Dachshunds for example where dogs will fall into having smooth, long or wire coat, but the coat types change gradually on more of a sliding scale. At one end are the hair type coats and at the other are the wool coats. It is not uncommon for Cavoodles to have a coat that will fall in between 2 types such as more of a fleece coat that has tighter and more curls than would be normally seen. Below are the three types and a description of their characteristics.

Hair coats  

Are wiry, scruffy and fairly short in length and resemble the coat of a wire hair Jack Russell Terrier. Hair coated Cavoodles will shed more and have a typical dog odour but require the minimum amount of time for grooming compared to fleece and wool coats.

Fleece coats

Are the most common in first generation Cavoodles and have a wavy or very loose curl appearance with a very soft and silky feel to them. A fleece coat looks like a mix between hair and wool coats. They shed very little but, if not groomed, can shed a little more hair in the form of small hair balls that wander about. Fleece coats are a good choice for those with allergies to dog hair as they lose very little hair but do require clipping to keep the coat at a shorter length.

Wool coats

Have a tightly curled appearance like the soft wool of a lamb with a thick texture and some even have the characteristics of a double coat. They are also considered to be a non-shed coat type but all dogs, regardless of breed (aside from hairless breeds), will shed a few hairs from time to time. Wool coats are considered the best type in terms of being allergy friendly and have the best success rate with allergy prone owners. Even with this quality, no coat type can determine that a particular dog will be perfect for all allergy sufferers as allergies are distinct to each individual.



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